What Is Hair Loss?

Many people get worried seeing too many of their hairs in the sink or on their comb but is this really the sign we are losing our mane? Usually it is not. For most of us living in the temperate zone hair loss is a regular seasonal occurrence. We are losing more of our hair in early spring and autumn. Those of us not suffering from hair loss will see all their lost hair coming back a few months later. You can notice a change in person’s hair quality about twice a year, in the northern hemisphere their hair would become thicker and courser in autumn and softer, silkier but darker in spring.

The main reason for anyone losing hair is dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attacking and slowly killing our hair follicles. This metabolite of the male hormone testosterone is the main cause of baldness in both men and women, leading to the irreversible hair loss. There obviously are other reasons why people lose their hair such as bad diet, extreme stress, hormonal factors and an array of medical conditions or treatments but these factors usually cause only temporary hair loss.

The aforementioned DHT causes a gradual miniaturization of our hair follicles which in turn results in miniaturization of our hair. Each hair goes through three growth periods – the growing phase, the transitional phase and the resting phase. Due to the harmful effects of DHT affected hair emerges finer and thinner with each new growth cycle while the hair’s life cycles are shortening. The end result is that the hair finally becomes so thin, colorless and short that it is hardly visible to the naked eye and it eventually dies as does the hair follicle. Hence, hair loss is not a result of increased hair fall but of increased hair miniaturization.