Only Medicinal Pills Have Been Clinically Proven To Reverse Hair Loss

Despite the widespread belief that hair loss can be successfully treated with herbal shampoos and nutritional pills, the healthy diet or lifestyle most balding men will not see any results from such treatments or advice. The fact is that the only existing treatments that have been clinically proven to improve genetically determined hair loss conditions are medicinal drugs. And there only happen to be two of them that have been approved by the FDA for treating hair loss to date. It is minoxidil, better known under its trade name Rogaine and finasteride, also known as Propecia. Both of them are being frequently accused of causing negative side-effects but the medical science has shown that only about 1% of the population is affected and many of such stories seem to be spread by the marketers of natural substitutes, claiming their products are guaranteed to regrow your hair while having no negative side-effects. However, such claims have never been scientifically verified and should be taken with a grain of salt.

The truth is that it is only the two aforementioned drugs that have been shown to improve genetically determined hair loss conditions in men. Whereas minoxidil can be bought in almost any pharmacy and in many stores, either as Rogaine or straight minoxidil or as one of the active ingredients in diverse topical mixtures, finasteride remains to be in the most countries a prescription medicine. In a number of countries finasteride has not been yet approved as a hair loss treatment and seeing a dermatologist will not get you prescription. Finasteride has to be usually prescribed by your urologist but he cannot prescribe it for hair loss as finasteride has not yet been included in the list of hair loss medicines. Therefore, the easiest option is often to buy Propecia online in one of many online pharmacies. There are licensed online pharmacies that will require prescription but also such that will give you prescription after completing an online consultation. This often is the only option for many male hair loss sufferers in many parts of the world to effectively counteract their condition as Propecia is currently the most powerful drug for treating hair loss. However, you are best advised to see your urologist before ordering any such drug online and select your pharmacy carefully.