Bimatoprost – a new hair loss treatment on the horizon?

Hair loss is one of the most common health conditions but since it is not associated with any serious disease and obviously is it neither deadly nor even harmful, research into potential treatments for hair loss does not attract resources that more serious diseases normally do. Therefore, both existing hair loss treatments have been derived from medications used to treat other health conditions. Minoxidil, the active substance of Rogaine, was originally used as Loniten to treat high blood pressure before its hair growth promoting side effects were discovered. Finasteride, the sole ingredient of Propecia, has been known as Proscar for many years and used to treat prostate enlargement. And now bimatoprost, a glaucoma treatment known as Lumigan has been recently approved by the FDA for its use to lengthen eyelashes under the name of Latisse. Bimatoprost was also tested as a potential hair loss treatment and preliminary results were encouraging, so it is very likely that a clinical trial may start soon.