Are Hair Loss Product Reviews Relevant?

Hair loss can take many forms and have many causes but the fact is that this common condition affects about 40% of the male population and 25% of females at some point in their lives. The best known form of hair loss is the male pattern baldness, which has the same main cause as the female pattern baldness but about 2%-3% of the population are affected by the unpredictable alopecia areata as well as some other rare forms of baldness. Since there are so many different types of hair loss there are manifold approaches to its treatment, resulting in thousands of different products flooding the market with most of them being available as unregulated over-the-counter cosmetic products. This creates a great opportunity for scammers who want to make a quick buck.

The simplest way of finding out whether any treatment would work for you is to try it out yourself but given the sheer number of available products this would take several lives to find out while the hair would be long gone. This is where the hair loss product reviews may come in useful. However, most platforms that collect such reviews are flooded by the unavoidable spam so you need to learn to read between the lines. You obviously need to have some basic knowledge of common approaches to treating hair loss to be able to tell a scam at the first look. For instance as regards the male pattern baldness, Propecia and Rogaine are the two approved treatments that have been shown to be effective in a significant percentage of patients but there are a number of other substances that have being shown to be effective in some patients in some smaller studies. However, there are a number of other ingredients that you can find in hair loss treatments that appear to be useless and you should be able to see that. So, take your time to read reviews before you fall for any product and once you have tried it do not forget to write a products review at one of the websites that collect them in order to help hair loss sufferers like yourself to avoid scam.